iMerit CEO Radha Basu Speaks To AI For Good: Key Takeaways

September 16, 2021

Radha Basu, the CEO and founder of iMerit, sits down with Lindsey Asis, Programme coordinator at AI for Good Foundation, to discuss the importance of inclusion, quality data in the age of AI, and the model for other enterprises that iMerit is setting.

Here are 5 key takeaways from the session:

  • Radha defines iMerit’s success as a maniacal focus on client success combined with the creation of an inclusive workforce, all while using technology as a bridge rather than a divider.
  • iMerit invests in its employees in a variety of ways, including job creation, income stability, physical and mental health, and most importantly, skill development. Aside from the necessary technical knowledge, the Learning Academy at iMerit covers topics such as communication, comprehension, culture, and confidence to upskill employees and build the tech-propelled, advanced workforce of the future.
  • The data ecosystem will continue to be a massive opportunity as AI is advancing at a rapid pace and training AI/ML models require humans and their judgments in order to achieve high-quality data and to successfully solve edge cases.
  • iMerit is proving that inclusion in AI and data can be beneficial for business outcomes. After all, the more perspectives you bring to a problem, the more robust answers you’ll get. With over 80% of iMerit’s workforce coming from underserved areas and over 50% of its workforce being women, iMerit not only created 1200 jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic as its clients returned with more opportunities, but it also set new revenue records for the highest quarter to date on Oct-Dec 2020.
  • The iMerit leadership team follows the mantra of “Mentoring in the Line of Execution,” which focuses on employee development while they are executing and delivering their work, helping bring client knowledge and value to the employee base.

To watch the complete session click here.

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