RLHF Services

For LLMs, LVMs & Foundation Models

Leverage iMerit’s international network of domain experts and skilled annotators to enhance training data quality, improve model performance, and fine-tune model outputs.


Improve Model Outputs

With Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF)

Source Expertise

Employ experienced domain and data specialists across modalities for your Generative AI projects.

QC & Data Correction

Assess and categorize model outputs with custom scoring parameters for adjustments.

Model Alignment

Ensure model outputs align with policies and objectives for greater precision and accuracy.

RLHF Automation

Deploy Human-in-the-loop processes and automation with the iMerit Ango Hub platform.

Expert Services

For Optimizing Accuracy of LLMs & LVMs

Source unique expertise through iMerit’s global network of professional annotators and subject matter experts. Our network is constantly evolving with experts in cutting-edge fields around the latest AI developments.

  • Domain Expertise: Staff your project via iMerit’s international network of experts in leading-edge disciplines and domains.


  • Scalable Expert-in-the-Loop: Scale data operations and experts-in-the-loop throughout all stages of the ML development lifecycle.


  • Expert Feedback: Employ expert feedback such as labels, ratings, corrections, and explanations at all stages of ML dataops.

Model Alignment

Collaborate with iMerit’s Experts and Quality Control Teams

  • Model Explainability: Interpret and understand the prompt/response behind model decisions, predictions, and outcomes.


  • Performance Scoring: Domain experts evaluate model outcomes and use Likert scales to score them against their intended use.


  • Prompt/Response Pairing: Experts measure prompts and responses based on scoring to further inform prompt engineering.

RLHF Platform Automation


iMerit Ango Hub is a flexible platform for data pipeline management and model fine-tuning that incorporates workflow design, model integration, RLHF, and analytics in a single place.

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