Social impact

iMerit is having a tremendous impact globally, and follows a double-bottomline philosophy. Its mission is to bring motivated individuals from underserved communities into the global digital economy.

iMerit is having a social & financial impact by working against UNSD Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10

Inclusion, Impact Core Tenets

Since its founding in 2012, inclusion and impact have been core tenets of iMerit’s mission and values. iMerit provides the human element in digital transformation and data enrichment as it drives positive social and economic change. The company’s mission is, and always has been, to grow an inclusive workforce comprised of motivated individuals from underserved communities to help them develop meaningful careers in digital technology. Its inclusion efforts are targeted at young adults and females; iMerit’s workforce is 52% female, which is unheard of in technology and big business.

Family income grows 3x with IMerit



employees have financially supported family members who pursue education



employees want to build a lengthy professional career at iMerit



employees have invested in a new sanitation system for their families



employees have begun investing in equities, via mutual funds

Full-time employee to community role model

All iMerit employees, in fact 100% of the entire workforce in India, Bhutan and the United States, are full-time staffers. As highly-coveted technology professionals and valued members of the digital economy, iMerit employees become role models in their communities. Their motivation helps fuel a movement that inspires others to work in technology and for iMerit. iMerit employees have access to healthcare and other benefits. They are able to support their families and encourage siblings and friends to seek training, education, and employment. Many of our employees choose to continue their education themselves while working. They can advance their careers, by taking advantage of iMerit’s Learning and Development programs, diving deep into a single domain or increasing the breadth of their knowledge base.

iMerit employees are highly-coveted technology professionals and valued members of the digital economy

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