Generative AI

Improve model precision using high-quality custom datasets through iMerit’s data curation, generation, annotation, and evaluation services, empowering generative AI application development.

Supercharge your data pipeline with iMerit’s Generative AI training data solutions.

Data Generation

Employ prompt engineering with any large language or vision model to expand training data coverage.

Data Labeling

Leverage human expertise to source, curate, and label high-quality data for machine learning.


Fine-tune model outputs through a scalable platform with human expertise and feedback.

Quality Control

Domain experts perform audits and quality control on the outputs of Generative AI systems.

Dataset Generation

With Prompt Engineering

By leveraging large language, large vision, or foundation models, iMerit domain experts conduct prompt/response pair generation and analysis to expand training dataset coverage and completeness.

  • Data Enrichment: Expand the breadth and depth of data by identifying and filling gaps within training datasets.


  • Prompt Engineering: Generate synthetic text or image data for improved data corpus development, model fine-tuning, and alignment.


  • Bias Mitigation: Integrate synthesized data to tackle data sparsity, class imbalance, and other biases to ensure diversity representation within the training dataset.

Data Labeling

For LLMs, LVMs, & Foundation Models

Leverage human expertise and insights to source, curate, and label high-quality data for machine learning.

  • Domain Expertise: A dedicated team comprising experienced annotators, solution architects, and domain experts.


  • Scalable Technology: Integrated end-to-end data labeling platform to deliver accurate, relevant, and complete data at scale.


  • Cost-effectiveness: Expertise in automation, tooling, and processes ensures greater efficiency, faster ramp-up, and higher throughput.

Reinforcement Learning

From Human Feedback

Refine and improve Generative AI application’s learning process and decision-making algorithms with iMerit expert-in-the-loop. Identify generative hallucinations, edge cases, and opportunities to fine-tune data for peak model performance.

Direct Preference Optimization (DPO)

Optimize ML models with iMerit expert-in-the-loop and bridge the gap between human preferences and machine behavior.

Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF)

Leverage iMerit expert teams for scoring or evaluating model output to enhance reinforcement learning algorithm training.

Fine Tuning Models For Precision & Optimization

Adjust pre-trained models on a specific task or dataset to improve performance or adapt it to a new domain.

Tackle Edge Cases & Identify Model Hallucinations

Identify and resolve edge cases and audit Generative AI outputs to identify hallucinations with Humans-in-the-loop audit.

Audit and Quality Control

Of Generative AI Outputs

iMerit’s expert data annotation teams can perform comprehensive audits and quality control on the outputs of Generative AI systems. Utilize workflow tools and APIs on the iMerit Data Annotation Platform to integrate Generative AI models, ensuring rigorous quality assurance.

Choosing the Right Model

For Generative AI Applications

With many models to choose from and new versions coming out every other day, the iMerit team of solution architects and domain experts can assist with reviewing models and identifying the most suitable model for your dataset and your business use case.


Create a baseline and benchmark model outputs against iterative improvements to ensure you move in the right direction.

Output Comparison

Compare outputs and performance between generative models to determine the best one for you.

Model Scoring

Score model outputs to determine the most relevant one for the intended use case.

Testing & Feedback

Choose your preferred large language model, and iMerit experts will test and perform quality checks on all outputs.

iMerit Ango Hub Platform

For Generative AI

A flexible platform for your data pipeline management and model fine-tuning, iMerit Ango Hub incorporates workflow design, model integration, RLHF, and analytics in a single place for improved efficiency, greater throughput, higher quality data, and faster Deployments.

  • Data Pipeline AutomationFlexible platform enabling scalable workflow automation for efficiency gains.


  • Model APIs & PluginsIntegrate models, tools, software, and more for your specific business use cases.


  • Annotation ToolingState-of-the-art annotation tools for images, video, text, and audio data.

Improving AI Governance

iMerit’s deep domain knowledge and experience bridge the frameworks, policies, and best practices together to help you ensure your AI technologies are developed and used in a way that minimizes potential risks from bias while maximizing model output precision.

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