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Ango Hub

AI Data Solution Platform

iMerit’s Ango Hub provides data pipeline workflow automation and purpose-built applications on a Gen AI framework to accelerate AI development in key industries such as medical AI, autonomous mobility, and precision agriculture.

By combining the power of automation, experts-in-the-loop, and analytics, the Ango Hub data platform helps achieve faster annotations and model evaluation with low time per task (TPT) and improved efficiency to accelerate your AI into production. 

  • Streamline your ML data pipelines with custom workflow automation
  • Bring custom or off-the-shelf models into your projects using the model plugin
  • Integrated Plugin Library for pre-labeling or auto-labeling for ML-assisted annotations and validation
  • Best-in-class tools for image, video, and NLP data labeling and prompt-response evaluation
  • Supports multiple annotation types, including bounding boxes, polygons, polylines, keypoint, semantic segmentation, text extraction, and classification with automation features for greater efficiency
  • Built-in applications and tooling for data creation, model evaluation, RLHF and red-teaming
  • Flexible platform with ability to customize tooling and automation to meet your needs

Domain Expertise

Human-in-the-loop Teams

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iMerit has over 10 years of experience in data annotation, model evaluation, simulation and testing across industries like autonomous mobility, healthcare, technology, agriculture, and more. 

  • Full-time workforce of analysts, solution architects, and domain experts
  • Customer Success with resource, task, and performance management
  • Expert-led Human-in-the-Loop workflows for validations, corrections, and guaranteed SLAs
  • Rapid scalability and edge case management with 2-step quality control
  • Support on labeling guidelines with real-time project monitoring

Take AI to Production

Custom TOOLS
No-code Integrations
Analytics & Insights

Analytics & Insights

For Better Project Management

Real-Time Monitoring

Keep your data annotation project in check with real-time monitoring to track the number of labels done, the quality of labeling, and other metrics.


Review the performance of every annotator. Insights around how many labels, Time per Task (TPT), and accuracy help keep project performance under control.

Issue Management

Seamless communication between annotators, reviewers, and solution architects on the platform ensures all questions, doubts, and outliers are addressed appropriately.

Access Control

With easy-to-configure access control, you can ensure that teams access only the things they need. User permissions can be managed by profile or role. 



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Data Points

"iMerit is a valuable strategic partner. Their expertise and level of insight have greatly impacted our decision-making regarding where to deploy our autonomous vehicles next."

Top Autonomous Vehicle Company

"iMerit's expertise in AI has impacted nearly every stage of our machine-learning lifecycle."

Leading Media & Entertainment Company

"Leveraging generative AI was a strategic initiative we couldn't have accomplished without iMerit's input and expertise."

Global Financial Information Provider

"iMerits end-to-end solution approach has made us better."

Top Technology Company

"We have our proprietary tools, and iMerit's team has suggested over 80 areas of improvement, leading to improved throughput. One suggestion alone improved efficiency by over 10%. "

Top Robo Taxi Company

"iMerit is a valuable partner in solving our most critical data challenges."

Social Media Company

"In a world where innovation and costs are often at odds, iMerit has provided the expertise and quality needed to help us advance our AI products. "

Leading Medical Device Company


Tools & Technology

Data annotation throughput, accuracy, and workflow alignment are the most significant drivers of high-performing data strategy outcomes. iMerit leverages advanced tools, machine learning algorithms, and workflow best practices to enrich, annotate, and label large volumes of unstructured data. While our tools and technology solve for throughput, our managed workforce teams solve for accuracy through their deep industry-specific expertise across Computer Vision, NLP, and Content Services.

Computer Vision

iMerit has labeled, annotated, enriched and segmented over 250 million images and videos that power Computer Vision algorithms. iMerit’s delivery team works with complex edge cases and nuanced taxonomies to give clients an extra advantage.

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Facial recognition annotation, a Computer Vision use case
Natural Language Processing

iMerit’s advanced workforce produces throughput on language data across genres, domains, modalities, levels of structure, and different languages. The workforce has annotated over 20 million Natural Language Processing data points at 97% accuracy.

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Text analysis for Natural Language Processing use cases
Content Services

iMerit helps merchants realize compelling customer experience for e-commerce and other digital platforms with organized, searchable and relevant data. The iMerit workforce validates, enriches, moderates and tags data so it best serves the offering and enhances overall shopping practices.

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Detailed product descriptions for e-commerce, a Content Services use case


The need for speed in high-quality data annotation has never been greater. iMerit combines the best of predictive and automated annotation technology with world-class data annotation and subject matter experts to deliver the data you need to get to production, fast.

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