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Unlock the Value Within Your Data

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The most innovative companies partner with iMerit to handle their data needs so that they can focus on advanced computing tasks in machine learning, computer vision, augmented reality, and analytics.

We know that innovation comes with ambiguity in timelines and variance in workloads. Our in-house team of over 800 data experts is uniquely equipped to work with you through the ebbs and flows of your project.


How It Works

Let us handle the data work while you focus on what matters most.

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The iMerit Advantage



Our team leaders ensure that our in-house data experts are consistently delivering over 95% accuracy on all data projects by supporting our team with regular supervision and up-skilling.


Our full-time team members work in dedicated, monitored facilities under full NDA, giving us the ability to uphold strict confidentiality and security protocol to keep your data safe.


With a large team standing by, we work with the ebb and flow of your data needs. We understand that when it comes to innovation, timelines can be ambiguous and data volumes aren't always consistent.


iMerit provides groundbreaking career opportunities to highly motivated individuals in underprivileged communities, bringing them into the global digital economy.

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What our Customers are Saying


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“iMerit’s data annotation services are fundamental to our work at KinaTrax, enabling us to build accurate models for hundreds of MLB pitchers, and turn these models into actionable insights. We look forward to working with iMerit for seasons to come!”

Sports analytics expert Kinatrax helped the Chicago Cubs win the World Series after 108 years. See how Kinatrax partnered with iMerit’s adaptive workforce to unlock incredible insights from hours of video footage for a once-in-a-century achievement. 

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Catholic Relief Services

“iMerit set the benchmark for providing high-quality, effective support and we hope that you continue to set the example for all
CRS ICT support staff to do the same.”

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“iMerit is a unique services provider dedicated to exploring what really works. They’re not afraid to make changes and improvements, and they continuously strive to make their services – and therefore ours – the best in the business. Overall, I love the iMerit team, and we’ve seen a tremendous improvement in marketplace conversion since integration!”

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New England Historic Genealogical Society

“We have 50 volunteers but needed a lot of help to get through transcriptions, if we didn’t have iMerit, we’d either be with a different vendor which we had investigated—but bottom line is we couldn’t do the project without someone like iMerit and we’ve been very happy with the work we are getting from the team.”

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