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NEWS: iMerit opens its ninth global delivery center in Thimphu, Bhutan. Click here to learn more.

Tech Enabled
Data Services

Enrich. Annotate. Segment. Moderate.

iMerit enriches and annotates the data that powers your algorithms in Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

From image labeling to the creation of ground truth datasets for Machine Learning, we help you extract game-changing structured insights from large volumes of unstructured data.

How clients work with us

Expert consultation

Exchange of expertise.


Custom skilling.

Workflow customization

Agility. Scale.

Feedback cycle

Insight. Improvement. Iteration.



They trust us with their data

“Working with iMerit has been an amazing experience. Training the team was a breeze and they consistently delivered excellent, high-quality work with a fast turnaround. Our partnership enabled my team to meet our yearly Enrichment goals months ahead of time. The whole team is helpful and professional, making every effort on all levels to make sure we are happy with their services. Deb, the project lead was wonderful, from coordinating trainings to creating detailed metrics – always timely and reliable.  The iMerit team has truly some of the best individuals I have had the pleasure working with.”

Anna Berczi, Program Manager


"iMerit is absolutely our first choice to work with. The entire team is wonderful"


iMerit’s human-powered products have enabled us to scale our data operations so we can develop a true multi-modal geospatial analytics SaaS platform, cementing our leadership in the industry. As we continue to leverage computer vision and machine learning to deliver impactful geopolitical and economic insights to our customers, the strength of iMerit’s labeling abilities will only become more critical and valued; they are a true long-term technology partner."

Glenn Sterenborg, VP Data Science and Data Operations

Orbital Insight

"iMerit was, and continues to be, an invaluable partner for us. They provided us with accurate data early on, which helped us get up and running with the development of our tax property software."

Brandon Van Volkenburgh, CTO & Co-founder


Traveling to Metiabruz was a great experience. Sid, Biswajit, and team showed how incredibly knowledgeable they are and confirmed that we have a great team. I also trust them to proactively make decisions to pull data in when needed. They are part of our team, and the right ones to manage the operational side of our efforts."

Director of Data Products for research institute in autonomous driving

"I greatly appreciate your genuine love for the work we have done together, and will be delighted if we can collaborate further … on the next set of data-related challenges."

Chief Digital Officer for leading cultural institution

"We are greatly pleased by the quality, responsiveness and dedication of your team. This is what we call a partnership and something we look for in long term vendors."

Group Manager for leading technology company

"iMerit's data annotation services are fundamental to our work at KinaTrax, enabling us to build accurate models for hundreds of MLB pitchers and turn these models into actionable insights. We look forward to working with iMerit for seasons to come!"


"iMerit set the benchmark for providing high-quality, effective support and we hope that you continue to set the example for all CRS ICT support staff to do the same."

Catholic Relief Services

"We have 50 volunteers but needed a lot of help to get through transcriptions. If we didn't have iMerit, we'd either be with a different vendor which we had investigated - but bottom line is we wouldn't do the project without someone like iMerit and we've been very happy with the work we are getting from the team"

New England Historic Genealogical Society

Your data. Our expertise.


Bounding boxes. Keypoint annotation. Image annotation & labeling. Polygon annotation. Object tracking. LiDAR segmentation. Content Moderation.


Moving bounding boxes. Object tracking. LiDAR segmentation. Content moderation.


Audio to text transcription. Sentiment analysis.


Grammatical & discourse analysis. Review & sentiment analysis. Linked entity recognition.


Global clients

125 M

Data points delivered


Full-time staff. US-based
HIPAA-certified teams


Nine delivery centers

Expert data labeling. At scale.

The precision of your labeled data is the single biggest differentiator in your Machine Learning outcome. Our data experts annotate large volumes of data at the highest level of accuracy to power the most advanced algorithms across industries. We help you grow from R&D to game-changing commercial deployments. Whether you are innovating in AI or accelerating your digital transformation, iMerit is your partner in data success.

Computer Vision

Our teams have annotated and segmented over 100 million images and videos to power Computer Vision algorithms. We work with tricky edge cases and nuanced taxonomies to give you an extra advantage.


Bounding boxes

Semantic segmentation

LIDAR segmentation

Polygon annotation

Keypoint annotation

Image & object classification

Object tracking in video

Natural Language Processing

We work on language data across genres, domains, modalities, levels of structure and languages. We have processed more than 8 million linguistic data points with over 98% accuracy for global clients, including Fortune 10 companies.


Named entity recognition & linking

Speech-to-text validation

Audio & handwriting transcription

Salience analysis

Sentiment analysis

Review & intentanalysis

Grammatical & discourse analysis

Content Services

Your digital transformation begins with smart data: provide a great customer experience with data that is organised, searchable, relevant and reliable. Our teams have enhanced over 10 million data points to date.


Moderation & verification



Fraud detection

Email support

Claim verification

Data deduplication

Customer Services

Our teams help clients when projects require them to extend their digital workforce. We design and execute tailored customer service solutions for customers worldwide, 24/7 and across continents.


Technical support

On-boarding support

Customer support

Back-office support

Chat support

Email support

24/7 monitoring & categorization of flagged events

The iMerit Advantage


Our managed data services include dedicated QA teams, feedback loops, edge case identification, 100% quality control, custom tools and consistent delivery at over 97% accuracy.


Our full-time employees work under NDA in dedicated and monitored facilities with strict security protocols. We are SOC 2 compliant.


Our cross-trained teams and custom tasking platform allow your project to scale as your needs evolve. Work with your own tools or with our in-house technology to achieve actionable results.


iMerit creates positive social and economic change through employment in underserved communities. By working with us, you help bring motivated individuals into the global digital economy.

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