Women in tech

We’re shaping the future of AI. The women at iMerit think big, dream big and achieve big!

Women in Tech


52% Women in the workforce
29% Women who are sole breadwinners in their families
65% Women who have gained technical skills since joining iMerit

"iMerit has made gender equality a priority, women are at the forefront of tech which is one of the keys to creating unbiased AI solutions."

Lauren Robinson - Head of Solutions Architecture

Lauren Robinson

"AI is still a new and developing sector, open to all women from a range of disciplines looking to evolve their careers and skill sets."

Natasha Montagu - Sr. Solutions Architect, EMEA

Natasha Montagu

"I encourage women to join the ranks of STEM, we need more awareness around roles, resources, opportunities, and outreach."

Annie Wang - Technical Program Manager

Annie Wang

"I’m so proud of the women at iMerit using their voices, expertise and insights to help customers manage their data labeling pipelines."

Vaishali. P. Rana Reed - Head of Solutions Management

Vaishali. P. Rana Reed


Sanghamitra Chanda

An Associate Director at iMerit, Sanghamitra talks about the problems iMerit solves for clients and the meaning she finds in her work.

Mallory Dodd

As a Solutions Architect, Mallory works on creating data pipelines for cutting-edge AI projects and is excited to be building AI of the future.

Shrijata Basu Saha

Our HR Director talks about the company culture and how she feels empowered to work at iMerit, every day.

Heidi Weinstein

As Marketing Manager, Heidi talks about working with a purpose and helping tell stories through different initiatives.

Glenda Hernandez

A member of the team in New Orleans, Glenda talks about her work-life balance and working with the global iMerit team

Anjanette Kelley

Anjanette talks about the variety of AI clients iMerit works with and her contribution to the future of AI

Women Building The Future Of AI

Watch Natural language processing experts from Target, The Floor, Colby College and Open City discuss how NLP-powered technologies are transforming artificial intelligence.

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