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Mar 13, 2023

Case Study: Enel Group Partners with iMerit to Analyze their Electrical Distribution Network

Learn how Enel Group partnered with iMerit to improve the accuracy of its ML models for failure detection, faulty asset isolation, and network reconfiguration.

Mar 13, 2023

Medical Data Annotation and the Future of Healthcare

Learn about the role data annotation plays in advancing medical AI technologies ranging from conversational AI and RPA to digital radiology and robotic surgery.

Mar 9, 2023

Medical Data Annotation and Common Use Cases in Digital Radiology

Learn how data annotation advances AI in digital radiology and review four use cases of data annotation in medical imaging.

Feb 28, 2023

Development Dialogue 2023: An Evening with Legends

Radha Basu, N. R. Narayana Murthy, Paul Mazerolle, and Roopa Gandhi assure about India's potential to create a more equitable society in the digital age.

Feb 27, 2023

Mastering Anomaly Detection and Test Case Generation in ML

Learn how to solve anomalies in the autonomous vehicle industry with simulations, multi-modal approaches, and humans-in-the-loop.

Feb 14, 2023

3 Ways Gaming Companies Can Use AI/ML for Safety & Inclusivity

Learn three ways gaming companies can design safe and inclusive communities by leveraging AI and machine learning.

Feb 14, 2023

Data Annotation Best Practices for In-Game Behavior Moderation

Read data annotation best practices to incorporate into a gaming moderation project to ensure that the model accurately identifies toxicity.

Feb 14, 2023

Case Study: Leading Gaming Company Combats Toxic In-game Behavior Using AI with iMerit and Dataloop

Read how iMerit worked with one of the biggest game publishers in the US to tackle in-game toxicity using AI and human-in-the-loop.

Feb 13, 2023

Gaming Behavior Moderation: AI-based vs. Human-Moderated

Distinguish the efficacy of AI-based moderation versus human-moderated content in removing toxicity from online gaming platforms.

Feb 8, 2023

Technology for Impact & Scale: Insights from the Founders of iMerit, Infosys, and Aadhaar

Learn what the founders of Infosys, iMerit and Aadhaar had to say at the "Technology for Impact and Scale" keynote session at Development Dialogue 2023.

Feb 2, 2023

Why Solving Data Edge Cases is Key to Accelerating AI

Find out how to address edge cases with robust MLOps pipelines and synthetic data.

Jan 24, 2023

It’s a Duo: Human-in-the-Loop and High-Quality Data Are Catalysts in ML and AI

Learn how human-in-the-loop and high-quality data go hand-in-hand to achieve the widespread production of AI applications.