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The Athlete and the Machine: New Trends in AI and Sports Technology

While you were hard at work watching the FIFA World Cup, we were busy compiling the latest trends in the application of Machine Learning and Computer Vision to sports technology. This is a topic of interest to us because of our work with KinaTrax, a pioneering sports analytics company that…

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Do we need a standardized taxonomy behind the image training data for self-driving vehicles?

This post is by Emanuel Ott, a Solutions Architect at iMerit and an expert in machine learning and computer vision. It summarizes a talk given at the Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit in Amsterdam. To create an algorithm that learns to ‘see’ a typical road the way humans do,…

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How To Integrate Machine Learning With Your Workforce: a Case Study

Our guest post is by Brandon Van Volkenburgh, a leading expert in progressive technologies including cloud computing, blockchain, and machine learning. Brandon has played an integral role in the creation of innovative CrowdReason products such as TotalPropertyTax and MetaTasker.
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Digital Data Services Company iMerit announces New Orleans delivery center

Digital data services company iMerit announced downtown New Orleans as the location for its first U.S. delivery center. In this location, employees are supporting innovative companies with needs in Spanish and English Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and US-based customer service needs. The founding New Orleans team is fully bilingual…

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Bringing AI Tech to Life: Future of AI ‘Workforce’

Earlier this week, Radha Basu gave a keynote at the Future of AI conference in Tel Aviv. The keynote conveyed the opportunity and the important role that humans play in the bringing AI to life. The following is a brief summary of the presentation. Follow along with the slides: Slide…

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