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The making of a medical data labeling expert

Namita Pradhan walks into iMerit’s Bhubaneshwar office on a sunny and humid day. She begins her work of identifying specific pathological abnormalities in a series of high-resolution endoscopy slides. She spends her day dealing with dozens of anatomical images, marking and classifying precise abnormalities with intense concentration. Namita is one…

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The untold story of AI: Data Labeling

India is fast emerging as the hub of high-quality data labeling for the world's most advanced algorithms and iMerit is a part of this rocket-ship. In a recent article in Factor Daily, journalist Anand Murali explores the growth of India's small towns as hubs of data annotation excellence. Some excerpts…

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iMerit CEO on leveraging the human element in AI

Businesses are using Artificial Intelligence to solve a variety of organizational challenges. These solutions are highly reliant on human intelligence. In a recent issue of Mediaplanet’s Future of Business & Tech ‘Business AI’ initiative, our CEO Radha Basu discusses the human element as a key part of successful AI solutions…

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iMerit partners with Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth

A few weeks ago, we announced a major new partnership with Amazon Web Services to provide secure enterprise-grade data labeling services on SageMaker Ground Truth. Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth is a new capability of Amazon SageMaker that makes it easy for customers to efficiently and accurately label the large datasets…

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