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Income Growth and Financial Security for our Inclusive Workforce

By Anirban Roy Chowdhury, General Manager, Human Resources iMerit’s vision is to create inclusive growth within the technology sector by sourcing, skilling and employing people from underprivileged backgrounds. Over 80% of our employees (including now an increasing number of team leads and project managers) come from under-resourced backgrounds in India…

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It’s all about the ground truth

AI in healthcare and medicine are growing areas of investment, reaching almost $1.3 billion across 107 deals in 2017. The availability of the right data at scale is a critical factor in this space. In the Global AI issue of AIMed magazine, iMerit Solutions Architect Dr Sina Bari writes about…

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Cognilytica releases briefing note on iMerit

Research firm Cognilytica recently released a briefing note focusing on iMerit's data labeling work and the role of labeling in the development of machine learning algorithms. Here’s an excerpt from the note: In order for many machine learning algorithms to be trained, especially supervised learning algorithms, they need to be…

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The making of a medical data labeling expert

Namita Pradhan walks into iMerit’s Bhubaneshwar office on a sunny and humid day. She begins her work of identifying specific pathological abnormalities in a series of high-resolution endoscopy slides. She spends her day dealing with dozens of anatomical images, marking and classifying precise abnormalities with intense concentration. Namita is one…

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