Does your organization require high-quality training data for Machine Learning and AI?

Are your organization’s Machine Learning teams spending most of their time creating training data to power your company’s algorithms? Let the teams focus on core research and business objectives while iMerit’s in-house, advanced workforce handles the data enrichment work. iMerit is your company’s trusted data annotation partner for enterprise-grade machine learning datasets annotated with consistent quality on time and on budget.

Security: iMerit is SOC 2 compliant and ISO27001:2013 certified, with secure and and monitored facilities

Expertise: We continually train, empower and ultimately retain our data labeling talent

Flexibility: iMerit is tool-inclusive and can use client data annotation tools, internal tools, or third party tools

Data scientists trust iMerit with their data

Learn of the features that make iMerit purposeful.

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“We do work that’s rather unique in Machine Learning, and are regarded amongst the best in quality, throughput and the complex task of training AI”.
Watch iMerit CEO Radha Basu talk about our for-profit social impact model.

Learn of the benefits that make iMerit rewarding.

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“AI begins with humans”. In this video, Carl Hoemke, founder and CEO of CrowdReason talks us through their successful ‘human-in-loop’ partnership with iMerit. CrowdReason is a Dallas-based company that helps enterprises digitize their unstructured tax information.