In-cabin Monitoring

Data Annotation Technology & Automation for Driver and Occupant Monitoring Systems

High-quality annotated data helps validate the performance and safety of Level 3 autonomous systems and is crucial for meeting regulatory requirements for transitioning to higher levels of autonomy. Leveraging the Ango Hub platform, iMerit provides sophisticated in-cabin sensing data labeling solutions with predictive AI models for automation and active human oversight to identify edge cases and potentially hazardous situations.

Flexible Workflows

Align annotation workflows for your data pipeline with API, Webhooks and tasks

Pre-trained Models

Automatic facial point detection and other key characteristics identification

Custom Taxonomy

Customize taxonomy and define intricate classifications for complex scenarios

Analytics & Insights

Customized reports for project progress and annotator performance tracking

Driver and Occupant Monitoring

  • Tracking driver’s attention, ensuring they are awake and alert
  • Recognize the driver’s actions, including hand placements on the steering wheel, head position, and other factors
  • Detect and track the presence of occupants in a vehicle
  • Identify if any passengers are present or in a vulnerable position (e.g., children in child seats)

Behavior and Emotion Analysis

  • Analyze the emotional states of drivers and occupants and detect driver drowsiness, stress, fatigue, frustration, or contentment
  • Monitor factors such as eyelid movements, head position, and steering wheel input
  • Recognize and analyze passenger and driver behavior, including actions such as using a mobile device, eating, hands on the wheel, or other activities

Safety and Security

  • Identify safety-related issues, like unbuckled seat belts or unsecured items
  • Detect theft or intrusion into the vehicle
  • Automatically identify vital signs and medical emergencies
  • Identifying the presence of illegal or dangerous items within the vehicle

Build Custom Workflows

For Your Driver Monitoring System

Creating a data annotation workflow for a Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is crucial for training and testing the system’s algorithms. With iMerit Ango Hub, you can easily create and manage customized data labeling workflows to define the sequence of steps in data annotation, from initial labeling to task completion. Easily add, rename, and configure stages, ensuring each step aligns with your project’s needs. This flexibility enables the development of accurate and reliable labeled datasets.

  • Auto-annotate specific driver behaviors or features, such as head pose, eye gaze, facial expressions, hand movements, etc., and bring in custom models for auto-annotations
  • iMerit’s Solution Architects and AV experts help define a clear annotation guideline and its criteria.
  • AI-assisted robust quality control process ensures accurate annotations
  • Implement random sample checks and validations for annotations by human annotators for correctness and consistency
  • Ensure the security of your annotated data to protect it from unauthorized access or breaches

Reports & Dashboards

For Project Monitoring

Project Overview

The solution offers a concise summary of your data annotation project, including details about your data, the pre-annotation model, and the vital human annotation phase.

Annotation Distribution

Track key statistics about your dataset, giving you an overview of its composition. This helps you understand the dataset’s characteristics at a glance and offers a deep dive by annotations if needed.

Taxonomy Coverage

Gain insights into how much of your taxonomy was covered by the pre-annotation model and the human annotators. It shows you where manual intervention was required.

Operator Use Cases

Heavy Equipments


The need for speed in high-quality data annotation has never been greater. iMerit combines the best of predictive and automated annotation technology with world-class data annotation and subject matter experts to deliver the data you need to get to production, fast.

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