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iMerit delivers stellar video annotation services that power AI, Machine Learning, and data operation strategies.


Bounding box annotation of cars, for Autonomous Vehicle applications

What is Video Annotation?

Video annotation is a process of labeling or tagging video clips which are used for training Computer Vision models to detect or identify objects. Video annotation helps to extract intelligence from videos by annotating objects frame-by-frame and making them recognizable to Machine Learning models. There are numerous challenges associated with accurate video annotation. The object of interest is in motion which makes the task of labeling objects correctly to get precise outcomes more difficult.

What are the types of video annotation services?

iMerit provides various video annotation services that cater to a client’s project needs, including bounding box annotation, polygon annotation, keypoint annotation, and semantic segmentation. iMerit’s team works with the client to calibrate the quality and throughput of the job and deliver the best cost-quality ratio as you iterate. We recommend running a sample batch to clarify instructions, edge cases, and approximate task times, before launching full batches.

iMerit’s video Annotation Services

Bounding Box annotation for detection and tracking of object, AI in Government application
Bounding Boxes

It is the most commonly used type of video annotation in Computer Vision. iMerit Computer Vision experts use rectangular box annotation to illustrate objects and train data, enabling algorithms to identify and localize objects during the ML processes.

Polygon annotation where each vertex of a target object is labeled, regardless of shape, for geospatial applications
Polygon Annotation

Expert annotators plot points on each vertex of the target object. Polygon annotation allows all of the object’s exact edges to be annotated, regardless of shape.

Semantic segmentation to classify each pixel of a car, use case of computer vision
Semantic segmentation

Videos are segmented into component parts, by the iMerit team, and then annotated. iMerit Computer Vision experts detect desired objects within the video at the frame-by-frame level.

Point annotation for locating an object its component parts in an image, for Geospatial applications
Keypoint annotation

iMerit teams outline objects and shape variations by connecting individual points across objects. This annotation type detects body features and could include facial expressions and emotions.

Video annotation

Expert Consultation

Transformative, solution-based approach. Interdisciplinary Video Annotation problem solving. Agility and responsiveness, Time-To-Value enhancers.


Targeted resources. Custom skilling. Focused and deep microlearning curriculum. Domain expertise. Rostering tools.

Workflow Customization

Alignment of Video Annotation tools and processes. Structured Development Milestones. Two-step production and QA annotation workflows.

Feedback Cycle

Transparency via analytics. Real Time Monitoring and Service Delivery Insights. Edge case Insights. Dynamic Model Improvement.


Assessment of deliverable. Appraisal of key metrics, quality control processes. Model reconsideration. Analysis of business outcome.

Video Annotation use cases

Semantic video annotation of surveillance images

iMerit’s video annotation experts have processed over 500 video datasets and at a much higher level of detail than the client’s own teams. Our expert annotators solved the challenge of frame-by-frame manual processing of CCTV videos by accurately identifying and annotating required objects.

Moving bounding boxes using video annotation

iMerit’s video annotation experts created datasets to train the world’s most advanced Machine Learning solutions for rearview cameras and alert systems. Our experts annotated moving bounding boxes in video material to identify potentially dangerous objects.




Video data points annotated




Getting started!

The need for speed in high-quality video annotation has never been greater. iMerit combines the best predictive and automated annotation technology with world-class data annotation experts and subject matter experts to deliver the data you need to get to production, fast.

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