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Solution for solving edge cases with greater precision and higher quality data

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What is iMerit Edge Case?

With iMerit Edge Case, we’ll find the edge cases in every dataset that automated models break down on, and work with you on the best way to handle these and similar cases going forward.

Our clients realize the need for managing edge cases as their own annotation project. They understand that edge cases can make up a significant portion of data within a project, and they realize that edge cases are the most common reason for slow ML adoption within production settings.

With iMerit Edge Case, clients can:

  • Gain visibility into edge case resolution
  • View edge case insights and analytics
  • Access a repository of edge cases for future projects

"iMerit has a reliable, responsive, flexible, fast-moving team that can provide hands-on project support and always delivers."

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The need for speed in high-quality data annotation has never been greater. iMerit combines the best of predictive and automated annotation technology with world-class data annotation and subject matter experts to deliver the data you need to get to production, fast.

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