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Game-changing insights to prevent injuries, rehabilitate, and improve performance

At iMerit, we help you annotate healthcare data for sports medicine & biomechanical applications. Our global network of annotators, US board-certified sports medicine physicians, therapists, and computer vision specialists will supercharge your AI projects.

Player Monitoring & Tracking

Analyze speed, agility, strength, endurance, and skill proficiency to assess player progress and identify areas for improvement. Annotate data captured by technologies like motion capture and biomechanical sensors to analyze player movements, helping to optimize techniques and prevent injuries.

Performance Analytics

Annotate videos to capture and analyze player performance. Coaches can review game footage to identify tactical errors, extract meaningful insights, and strategize for future games. Computer Vision applications can predict performance outcomes, assess injury risk, and identify areas for improvement.

Physical Therapy

Augment physical therapy with the power of artificial intelligence. Video annotation of key points and position help identify improper form and generate insights that enhance recovery outcomes. Therapists and Coaches can use insights to communicate and provide feedback while adjusting their training and performance strategies.

Injury Prevention

Identify signs of overuse or potential injury risk by annotating and analyzing data. With these insights, coaches and medical staff can adjust training programs and reduce the likelihood of injuries. With valuable insights from the data, players can have longer successful careers.

Case Study

Kinatrax Partners with iMerit to Annotate Motion Capture Data and Generate 3D Models of MLB Pitchers

A Major League Baseball (MLB) team employed KinaTrax’s motion capture technology to optimize the performance of their pitchers. These recordings are then intimately assessed to reduce injury risk, inform strategy, and improve player performance.

iMerit teamed up with external sports doctors in hybrid workflows to perform the annotations in a way that would scale across the 6 million pitching frames. As a result, KinaTrax could build a highly accurate model for automatically analyzing pitching performance from 12 unique viewing angles.




Pitching Frames Annotated



3D Models of MLB Pitchers



Annotation Accuracy

"iMerit's data annotation enables us to build accurate models and actionable insights for hundreds of MLB pitchers"

Steven Cadavid, President, KinaTrax

Client testimonial from Crowdreason, a technology services company providing property tax software

iMerit for Sports & Biomechanics Annotation

Our expert-in-the-loop data processes and automation tools have enabled us to generate high-volume training data for human movement analysis, sports performance analysis, and development of biological systems. Using US board-certified physicians, iMerit can even facilitate regulatory approval of clinical applications through validation and benchmarking. iMerit’s contribution to biomechanics & sports medicine is automating the generation of game-changing insights for weekend warriors and professional athletes alike.