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Best-in-class service and tooling platforms

iMerit follows a tool-agnostic approach. We partner with best-in-class service and tooling platforms to
build the most efficient data pipeline for our customers. This allows us to be flexible and to
customize the solution to customer needs.

Amazon Web Service

iMerit collaborates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide data labeling services to customers with Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth. Ground Truth is a module of AWS SageMaker that makes it easy for customers to spin up annotation tasks within their own AWS account. You can connect to our secure in-house India or US workforce on the AWS Marketplace. We’ve collected a set of best practices for you.

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Intel AI Builders

iMerit is a part of the AI Builders consortium at Intel. This allows us to build partnerships to solve your problems.

The Intel AI Builders program is an enterprise ecosystem that brings together vendors, manufacturers and end users, with a shared mission to accelerate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence across Intel platforms.

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Our partner Labelbox provides a data management and annotation SaaS platform that connects to us via Workforce, a fully managed and dedicated workforce for an integrated training data solution. We can work with you to assess if this is right for you and help onboard and customize the tool for your needs, in order to connect to our team for the expert labeling.


iMerit is a part of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition, which aims to further ethical sourcing in your supply chains. If you are interested in achieving great business outcomes while ensuring ethical practices, GISC is a good place to start with tools and frameworks. iMerit has taken the Impact Sourcing pledge to add 2500 Inclusive jobs by December 31, 2020.

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