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iMerit offers high-quality text annotation services to help deploy AI and Machine Learning in Medical AI, Finance & Insurance, and Government.


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What is Text annotation?

Text annotation helps Machine Learning models understand text data. Common workflows include sentiment and intent analysis, and entity recognition and classification. During the text annotation process, the data is parsed into the required categories including phrases, sentences, and keywords, based on the guidelines of the project. The annotated datasets train machines to communicate efficiently in the natural language of humans.

What are the types of Text annotation?

iMerit provides various text annotation services that cater to a client’s project needs. Common workflows include sentiment analysis, intent analysis, Named Entity Recognition (NER) and entity classification. iMerit’s team works with the client to calibrate their quality and throughput requirements and builds custom processes to support client needs. iMerit’s teams deliver the highest quality results across batches and iterations. We recommend running a sample batch to clarify instructions, edge cases, and approximate task times, before launching full batches.

iMerit’s Text annotation Services

Sentiment Analysis

iMerit’s advanced sentiment and topic analysts can identify trends and nuances in large volumes of text data including product reviews, financial news, and social media.

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Intent Analysis

iMerit text annotation experts bring the building blocks of NLU together to drive the development of next-generation chatbots, digital assistants, and conversational AI products in retail, tech media, finance, and healthcare.


By identifying, classifying, and linking relevant text strings, iMerit powers innovations in digital document analysis, conversational AI development, and knowledge base curation.

Text annotation

iMerit subject matter experts will guide you through the process to develop a customized end-to-end workflow.


Transformative, solution-based approach. Interdisciplinary Text Annotation problem solving. Agility and responsiveness, Time-To-Value enhancers.


Targeted resources. Custom skilling. Focused and deep microlearning curriculum. Domain expertise. Rostering tools.


Alignment of Text Annotation tools and processes. Structured Development Milestones. Two-step production and QA annotation workflows.


Transparency via analytics. Real Time Monitoring and Service Delivery Insights. Edge case Insights. Dynamic Model Improvement.


Assessment of deliverable. Appraisal of key metrics, quality control processes. Model reconsideration. Analysis of business outcome.

Text annotation use cases

text annotation Tax Bill use case 1

Text annotation solution for Taxation data

CrowdReason has huge volumes of taxation data from its client base. These data vary across geographies, and tax jurisdictions, that need to be processed and structured quickly and accurately. iMerit’s experts have developed a workflow to break down the data extraction process into smaller tasks. These tasks are tackled by iMerit’s trained text annotation teams.

“iMerit was and continues to be, an invaluable partner for us. They provided us with accurate data early on, which helped us get up and running with the development of our tax property software.” — Brandon Van Volkenburgh, CTO & Co-founder, CrowdReason

Text Annotation solution for linguistic datasets

iMerit’s customer provides a service that helps subscribers improve the quality of their writing by correcting mistakes and providing word and phrase suggestions. The company needed multiple wording suggestions to confirm and refine a sentence correction algorithm. The challenge was in balancing the subjective and nuanced nature of copy-editing with the need for a rule-based style standardization. Our text annotation teams were trained rigorously in the customer’s style guide. Continuous assessment and peer learning, along with close collaboration with the customer in areas of ambiguity enables the team to deliver high-quality stylistic, structural, and mechanical corrections on a variety of document sources.

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The need for speed in high-quality text annotation has never been greater. iMerit combines the best predictive and automated annotation technology with world-class data annotation and subject matter experts to deliver the data you need to get to production, fast.

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