CrowdReason’s Quality Model Uses iMerit Labeled Data

September 11, 2019

iMerit has had a long and fruitful engagement with CrowdReason, a technology services company focusing on providing property tax software and custom data services.

CrowdReason has huge volumes of taxation data from their clients, which needs to be processed and structured quickly and accurately. iMerit’s teams provide the human intelligence required by answering specific questions about the information contained in the document, such as source, due date, amount due, and so on, and thereby extracting salient data points at scale.

The company has also used the clean data generated to integrate machine learning into their workflow and applications.

(Read a case study about CrowdReason’s process and pipelines here)

But enough from us! Learn more about the work from Carl Hoemke, the founder and CEO of CrowdReason, and watch the team at work.