Crop &
Weed Detection AI

Data Annotation Solution for Crop and Weed Detection and Classification for Precision Agriculture

Increase the efficiency of agricultural operations using iMerit’s purpose-built application designed for the AgTech industry. Equipped with built-in ML models for detecting and classifying crops, weeds, and grass, along with experienced human-in-the-loop (HiTL) teams, this solution accelerates the pre-labeling processes while enhancing model precision for applications like smart spraying.

Crop Weed Detection Precision Agriculture

Crop and Weed Detection Model

Crops, weed, and grass identification, with high precision for corn and cotton, with built-in pre-labeling algorithms

Custom Workflows

Data pipeline flexibility with Workflow configuration tool for endless customization and continuous efficiency optimization


Enhance review and quality control with iMerit experts and human-in-the-loop teams to tackle edge cases and reduce errors

Seamless Integrations

Easily integrates with existing cloud storage and databases for seamless end-to-end data workflow and training data curation

Explore Other Features

Flexible and Secure Data

  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate private and public cloud datasets into your data pipeline.
  • Security: Adhere to regulatory requirements for robust data security and compliance.
  • Scale: Future-ready data management practices that prioritize scalability, flexibility, and precision.

Customizable Workflows

  • Data Pipeline Flexibility: The workflow config tool enables endless customization and continuous efficiency optimization.
  • Review and QC Focus: Enhance quality control and audit as the solution streamlines work and reduces human error.
  • Logical Operations: Use logic gates to generate random sampling for quality control and other purposes.

Error Code Integration

  • Flag Edge Cases: Build a portfolio of edge cases utilizing customizable error codes by flagging nuances.
  • Improve Precision: Ensures precision in detection and streamlines handling of unique scenarios.
  • Measure the Quality of Labels: Build a comprehensive picture of the data to understand what you are feeding into the model.

Customizable Dashboards and Analytics

  • Project Overview: Track total annotation, types and measure other progress indicators by annotator
  • Measure Quality Metrics: Incorporate accuracy metrics and assess annotator performance
  • Filtering and Sorting: Apply filters (annotator, type, time) and sort data based on relevance

Crop & Weed Detection Model

For Smart Spraying Precision Agriculture Applications

The crop and weed detection model in iMerit’s Precision Agriculture application leverages synthetic data generation and augmentation of cotton and corn images. Our annotation teams then annotated this synthetically augmented and curated dataset to create ground truth data for improved model accuracy and reliability. This process ensured that our purpose-built application stands out in delivering tangible, data-driven results for solutions like smart spraying.

Build Custom Data Pipeline

For Your Precision Agriculture Solutions

Establishing a streamlined process for annotating data for smart spraying, intelligent irrigation, and other Precision Agriculture AI applications involves systematically labeling and annotating data for machine learning model training and validation. The iMerit workflow configuration tool on the Ango Hub offers flexibility, customizability, configurability, and scalability for improved efficiency within the data pipeline. Build your data labeling workflows with our end-to-end data annotation platform.


The need for speed in high-quality data annotation has never been greater. iMerit combines the best of predictive and automated annotation technology with world-class data annotation and subject matter experts to deliver the data you need to get to production, fast.

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