Utilization Management AI

CV and NLP Data Annotation for Medical AI

Automate tasks, analyze data, and generate insights to deliver cost effective medical care. 

With the increasing role of AI in automating processing such as prior authorization, providers and payers are enhancing utilization management to make timely and affordable decisions. These AI solutions require training data to implement, which in turn requires the expertise of those trained in clinical and administrative healthcare.

With 10+ years of experience in healthcare data operations for Medical AI and an enterprise-grade end-to-end data labeling platform, iMerit is leading the way for health data normalization, document AI, and intelligent process automation.


Automate and summarize medical records to streamline the point-of-care and prior authorization process for determining medical care based on coverage.

Organize information from electronic health records, medical protocols, and other sources to reduce time-consuming tasks. It can help reduce administrative burdens and accelerate the approval process.


Analyze and annotate patient data, medical literature, and guidelines to fuel AI-powered clinical decision support systems. AI-powered clinical decision support systems can assist healthcare providers in making informed decisions about patient care.

These systems can recommend appropriate treatments and interventions, ensuring effective resource allocation.

Data Normalization

Apply large standard medical ontologies such as SNOMED to enrich your unstructured healthcare data.

Advanced data science techniques can then be applied to determine patterns in care, novel therapeutic areas, and even protect against fraud.

NLP & CV for Document Analysis

Localize and extract relevant information from unstructured and heterogenous medical PDFs, such as Pharmacy records, Referrals, and clinical notes.

iMerit medical annotation teams can assist in automating the analysis of medical information for utilization management purposes.

Case Study

utilization management

iMerit Improves NLP Model to Reduce Manual Audits and Accelerate Claims Processing for a Top Healthcare Insurance Company

iMerit worked with a leading healthcare insurance provider to enhance its NLP (Natural Language Processing) model that was falsely rejecting claims, resulting in costly manual audits.

The iMerit team of medical annotators extracted and labeled thousands of healthcare claims and the data was used to retrain the model, resulting in a 68% reduction in manual audits.



Accelerated Claims Processing



Reduction in Manual Audits



Annotation Quality

"Our work with iMerit helped us reduce the need for manual auditing by 68%."

– Director of Data Science & AI, Top 3 Healthcare Insurance Company

Why Work With Us

Our expert-in-the-loop data processes and automation tools have enabled us to generate high-volume training data for claims processing, pre-authorization approval, and benefits verification applications. Our secure tools, facilities, and US operations are trusted by the largest provider and payer systems to work with the most sensitive healthcare information.

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