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iMerit delivers stellar audio transcription services that power artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data operation strategies.


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What is audio transcription?

Audio transcription is the process of making sound and speech recognizable to applications such as chatbots and virtual assistant devices, using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models. Audio transcription models form the backbone of many applications that aim to mimic or augment human interaction. iMerit’s audio transcription specialists transform datasets in English and other languages into text that can be personalized to the point where an end-user may believe that they are communicating with a human on the other end.

 Types of Audio Transcription

iMerit’s experts convert audio material into text and organize the information into formats that machines and computers can understand. The text data can then be labeled to cater to a client’s project needs, and tasks including Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Entity Classification, Sentiment and Topic Analysis, and Intent And Conversation Analysis are performed. iMerit’s team works with the client to calibrate their quality and throughput requirements and builds custom processes to support client needs.

Speech-to-text Automation

Speech-to-text Automation

iMerit’s Audio Transcription Solution

iMerit’s expert team can transcribe audio to text, and then perform nuanced annotations upon the text datasets, providing highly-accurate transcriptions with a rapid turnaround time. iMerit offers customers best-in-class pricing for any project type across file formats including WAV, MP3, FLAC, and more. The results can then be used to train speech recognition and automatic transcription software that take the place of professional transcriptionists or 3rd party services such as Rev, Otter, Trint, Descript, and others. Customers can share audio data securely with iMerit by uploading audio files directly into the platform or through a designated digital dropbox.


iMerit can transcribe audio recordings of varying quality while handling confounding factors such as background noise that make for less than high quality audio. An iMerit expert-in-the-loop annotator will listen to a conversation and scribe it.

Intent And Conversation Analysis

iMerit’s experts bring the building blocks of NLU together to drive the development of next-generation chatbots, digital assistants, and conversational AI products in retail, tech media, finance, and healthcare.

Named Entity Recognition (NER) & Entity Classification

By identifying, classifying, and linking relevant text strings, iMerit powers innovations in digital document analysis, conversational AI development, and knowledge base curation.

Sentiment & Topic Analysis

iMerit’s audio transcription analysts identify trends and cultivate the clients’ brands using advanced sentiment and topic analysis solutions. Language specialists and domain experts interpret nuances in product reviews, financial news, and social media.

Audio Transcription

iMerit subject matter experts will guide you through the process to develop a customized end-to-end workflow.


Transformative, solution-based approach. Interdisciplinary audio transcription problem solving. Agility and responsiveness, Time-To-Value enhancers.


Targeted resources. Custom skilling. Focused and deep microlearning curriculum. Domain expertise. Rostering tools.


Alignment of audio transcription tools and processes. Structured Development Milestones. Two-step production and QA annotation workflows


Assessment of deliverable. Appraisal of key metrics, quality control processes. Model reconsideration. Analysis of business outcome.


Assessment of deliverable. Appraisal of key metrics, quality control processes. Model reconsideration. Analysis of business outcome.

Industries using Transcription Today

Audio Transcription services use cases


Earnings Calls Audio Transcription

iMerit has vast experience in two types of audio transcription. One is verbatim transcription and the other is edited transcription. The company’s audio experts have helped transcribe earning calls for public companies. The team of audio transcription experts has transcribed a high number of calls with critical and exclusive financial information about companies to be available in real-time. Lengthy calls were split into 30-70 seconds audio clips for quick turnaround and a two-step process introduced to ensure high accuracy of transcription on the speech to text content and the audio file.

E-Commerce Audio transcription

iMerit’s audio transcription experts have helped various e-commerce clients train voice assistants to enhance their customer service experience. iMerit annotators have transcribed the audio clips with queries on the client interactions and then provided intent and slot annotations on the text transcribed. iMerit’s team processed more than 100K audio clips at an accuracy above 90%.


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Getting Started with audio transcription

The need for speed in high-quality audio transcription has never been greater. iMerit combines the best predictive and automated transcription technology with world-class data transcription and subject matter experts to deliver the data you need to get to production, fast.

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