iMerit collaborates to deploy AI and Machine Learning in the Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Content Services ecosystems by enriching, annotating and labeling data.

Eliminating redundant data in datasets for improving product search, for e-commerce applications

Working with brick and mortar stores, online retail sites, and retailers who marry digital with an in-store experience, iMerit’s team enables compelling customer experience (CX) solutions for merchants, and other digital platform operators, with organized, searchable and relevant data.


Content moderation for e-commerce sites, a content service use case
Content Moderation

iMerit’s content team enables commerce-oriented clients to keep content on marketplaces and aggregated data sites safe and reliable. Work includes not-safe-for-work tagging and forum moderation. 

Categorization of content on the basis of clothing, accessories for e-commerce sites

iMerit teams of content experts rapidly and accurately categorize e-commerce content by multiple attributes to improve search relevance and customer experience for online shoppers.

Eliminating redundant data in datasets for improving product search, for e-commerce applications

iMerit’s team of content experts reduce customer frustration and increase speed to checkout by improving product search. Deduplication and cleansing redundant listings prove key.

Product matching in e-commerce for better customer experience with the help of content service.
Data Matching

iMerit’s content work, relevant to product data matching, keeps e-commerce listings current, in real-time, and provides a competitive advantage for merchants when it comes to product pricing.

"iMerit consistently delivers high-quality work quickly, and enables us to meet enrichment goals ahead of schedule. "

Anna Berczi, Program Manager, Autodesk

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Full-time retail and e-commerce data experts



data points enriched for retail and e-commerce


The need for speed in high-quality data annotation has never been greater. iMerit combines the best of predictive and automated annotation technology with world-class data annotation and subject matter experts to deliver the data you need to get to production, fast.

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