iMerit’s 10-Year Anniversary Celebration

February 07, 2024



By Radha Basu


This moment in time, our 10-year anniversary, is an emotional moment filled with so many feelings of pride, satisfaction, togetherness, and achievement. To see all the iMerit people in person and those on video from other centers, all 5,200 people of our company, makes this a very emotional moment.

As I arrived at the celebration of our milestone, one of our young employees, who was beautifully dressed and full of spirit, asked, “Di, has your dream come true?”

I thought to myself, did my dream come true? Really?

Yes, to me, this is the dream. I dreamed of much less than this. We have become what a visiting professor once said about iMerit – “What is happening here is a small and quiet revolution of the human spirit, a collective agency, and a unique company.” We’ve been able to show that a small group of 5,000 people, a small group of young, thoughtful committed individuals, can change the way we look at technology, as well as show the world how AI is creating jobs and the importance of being responsible for creating AI.

Margaret Mead once wrote, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.” We, as a small group of individuals, and collectively as a team, have laid down the rules for what AI technology companies need to look like.

So I ask myself, has my dream come true? To me dreams turn into actions, actions turn into results, results turn into outcomes. And guess what, those outcomes come right back into dreams. I’m still dreaming, because the iMerit family makes it possible to dream. We never thought AI would create 5,000 plus jobs in a technology driven solutions company. Yet, it did!  By young people from every tier, coming together.  

We are the best and most experienced players in computer vision and AI. Our clients are some of the most innovative companies in AI.  We made this all possible with technology and an inclusive workforce, one where we have always had 50% women from day one. That is true gender equality I am proud of.

So, responsible AI is possible in our application areas, in autonomous mobility and safe transport, in drone-based border security, in things like AI in healthcare, and in areas like precision agriculture to increase crop yields. That is responsible AI as it applies to societal impact. We are doing this with an inclusive workforce of young people from many different backgrounds. And doing all of this on a strong technology platform that propels the AI solutions and builds the experts!

People used to ask me, “Can your people be experts?” Yes they can! We have proven we can be experts in AI, from Healthcare to Autonomous Vehicles. It’s universally acknowledged we are the best experts in LiDAR and autonomous mobility in the world.

And so, has my dream come true? 

To that I say, I’m still dreaming. All of us are. Every day some aspect of that dream comes true and together we make it possible for iMerit to be a global, technology driven, gender-diverse AI data solutions company that is helping build the future.

Thank you!”
Radha Basu

iMerit 10 Year Achievers

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