Humans-in-the-Loop Methodology for AI Data Mapping and Cartography

In this webinar, iMerit Solutions Architect Mallory Marcone discusses…

  • Emerging use cases for AI and ML in areas related to data mapping and network analysis
  • How ML models are being used to update transportation networks and map fluctuations 
  • How humans remain integral to these processes, including geographic and cultural contexts 

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Speaker: Mallory Marcone

Mallory has worked as a GIS Analyst at several Fortune-500 companies, including Apple and AECOM. Today, Mallory leverages her experience and knowledge base in geospatial and data services to create ground truth data labeling solutions for clients in the geoanalytics and computer vision space.

Top three slides

Mallory's Webinar Deck
Mallory's Webinar Deck
Mallory's Webinar Deck