AI, ML and Data Science: The Key Technologies Skyrocketing Autonomous Mobility

The global autonomous driving market is expected to grow up to $173.15 B by 2030.1  To enable this massive growth, autonomous mobility players worldwide are heavily investing in artificial intelligence, data science and technology to bring these innovations to market.

Access this on-demand webinar to hear Carnegie Mellon Professor and Reflex AI CEO Dr. Ozan Tonguz, Synapse Partners Founder and Author Evangelos Simoudis, iMerit Chief Revenue Officer Jeff Mills and CBC Consulting CEO Chris Barker examine the key technologies – machine learning, AI and data science – that are skyrocketing the autonomous mobility industry.

Key webinar takeaways include: 

  • The role of machine learning in capturing and analyzing complex onroad scenarios to inform computer decision making in autonomous mobility operations
  • How AI is interpreting large amounts of data generated by autonomous vehicle cameras and sensors to help improve vehicle operations and safety
  • The growing importance of data science in planning, operating and navigating autonomous mobility through dynamic urban environments
  • A look at the intersection of academic research, industry development and investment in shaping the future for autonomous mobility

1. PRnewswire. Global Autonomous Driving Market Outlook, 2018.

AI, ML and Data Science webinar