AI Data Operations: The Game-Changer for Scaling Autonomous Mobility

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Autonomous technology companies and cities are collectively advancing autonomous mobility, with more than 100 pilot projects spanning the U.S. While these pilot projects are vital in learning how self-driving vehicles integrate into city operating environments, the next step for many of the players is scaling into larger fleet deployments.

Access this on demand webinar featuring Amazon Web Services Randy Iwasaki, iMerit CEO Radha Basu and CBC Consulting CEO Chris Barker to hear the game-changing role AI data operations play in scaling autonomous mobility.

Attendees will takeaway:

  • The value cloud-based data storage brings to autonomous mobility
  • How self-driving vehicles connect with city infrastructure
  • The value of data sharing to inform self-driving cars of ever-changing environments
  • Vital role AI data operations plays in scaling autonomous mobility
AI Data Operations