iMerit Data Studio

End-to-end AI data solution leveraging technology and experts-in-the-loop to create high quality data

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What is iMerit Data Studio?

iMerit Data Studio connects the last mile of human-in-the-loop annotation with the agility, flexibility and transparency needed for mission-critical machine learning workflows. iMerit brings applied knowledge, annotation expertise, and annotation infrastructure to every project.

Our end-to-end AI data solution, iMerit Data Studio, delivers high-quality data at scale.

  • Rapid Team Scalability
  • Experts-in-the-Loop
  • Tool Inclusive Annotation
  • Flexible Data Formats
  • Objective Quality Metrics

Technology Enablement

Our platform brings together tools that manage configuration, annotation, project progress, and analytics, and more in one end-to-end solution.

Solutions Consulting

Our subject matter experts guide clients throughout the project lifecycle, from project preparation to project execution and data insights.

"iMerit offers annotation quality, competitive pricing, scalability, and a good turnaround time. We needed early support, and they stood out."

Head of Technical Operations - anonymous self-driving car company

Head of Technical Operations


The need for speed in high-quality data annotation has never been greater. iMerit combines the best of predictive and automated annotation technology with world-class data annotation and subject matter experts to deliver the data you need to get to production, fast.

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