AI on the Fly with Brett Hallinan: Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Bill’s Impact on New Mobility

September 09, 2021

Join AI on the Fly with Brett Hallinan and autonomous vehicle industry expert Chris Barker as they dive into the latest headlines about the $1 trillion federal infrastructure bill and its impact on autonomous vehicles.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the session:

  • The Trillion Dollar Federation Infrastructure Bill will accelerate the modernization of the United States’ transportation systems, including roadways, bridges, seaports, and airports, as well as improve broadband connectivity and transportation-related environmental outcomes.
  • The bill will benefit the autonomous mobility industry by improving roadway quality, and it may also change the roadscape to include technologies such as sensors to guide autonomous vehicles.
  • As there will be a massive amount of data to capture, process, and analyse, the funding can assist large data centers, cities, and autonomous mobility companies in exchanging information for the design and integration of new systems into roadscapes across the country.

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