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With our enterprise-grade end-to-end data annotation solution, we deliver your data projects faster with reduced costs and 99% labeling accuracy.

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Here’s how we create high-quality data


With AI-powered tools for automatic object detection and labeling, iMerit accelerates the annotation process while minimizing time spent on manual editing.



We leverage technology, including our in-house tools, client solutions, or other third-party tools, to deliver high-quality data for projects of any size across any industry.



With real-time reports and dashboards, iMerit empowers data teams with actionable intelligence, KPI tracking, quick troubleshooting, and edge case management.


Building Data Pipeline for Next-generation AI Solutions

Ango Annotation Hub

for AI-assisted and automated high-quality labeling at scale

No-code Integrations

to bring different applications or MLOps platforms together


Teams for domain expertise and insights into data anomalies

Analytics & Insights

for real-time project monitoring, annotator performance and quality control

Why Work With Us


Automate repetitive labeling tasks for faster object detection and improved efficiency


Highly-accurate annotations on the platform with real-time edge case management

Custom Workflows

Customize workflows to fit your project needs with unique labels, reviews, and tasks


Fully-managed teams with 5,500+ on-premise data annotators for rapid scalability


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"iMerit's data annotation enables us to build accurate models and actionable insights for hundreds of MLB pitchers"

Steven Cadavid, President, KinaTrax

Client testimonial from Crowdreason, a technology services company providing property tax software

"Well-managed team, hits predictable timelines, good quality work, easy to scale team up and down. iMerit helps us produce our products faster."

CTO - Geospatial intelligence company focused on property risk and valuation

Geospatial intelligence company

"I appreciate the love iMerit brought to the work and will be delighted to collaborate further on data challenges."

Chief Digital Officer, Leading cultural institution

Client testimonial from Leading cultural institution

"iMerit is an invaluable partner, providing us with accurate data which helped us develop our property tax software."

Brandon Van Volkenburgh, CTO & Co-founder, CrowdReason


The need for speed in high-quality data annotation has never been greater. iMerit combines the best of predictive and automated annotation technology with world-class data annotation and subject matter experts to deliver the data you need to get to production, fast.

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