Navigating Data Tooling and Expertise To Achieve High-Quality AI Training Data

In this session, Avi Yashar, Co-founder and CPO of Dataloop, Chris Karlin, Head of Sales at Superb AI and Michael Hazard, Product Manager at Applied Intuition unveil what makes enterprise-grade worthy tools, why data tools require super users, realization that one tool isn’t a fit for all and what lies ahead in the data tooling ecosystem.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the session:

  • As enterprises navigate the data tooling ecosystem, many realize the need to activate two vital components to achieve high-quality AI training data – collaborative data workflows and a talented tooling workforce.
  • Industry leaders will always prefer synthetic data but will never stop using real data. It’s important for them to find out what data they can generate and replace, how to solve problems like rarity and look for strategies on how synthetic data can be used in addition to real data.
  • In the next phase of deep learning, we might see data annotators evolve into data developers, and the data tooling companies will focus on providing them with efficient tools to work on micro tasks and prevent quality issues.

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