Impact of AI Driven Robotics in Manufacturing & Order Fulfillment

AI-driven robotics are changing how manufacturing and order fulfillment was traditionally done by navigating warehouses autonomously and efficiently picking and packing items. AI algorithms can easily optimize order-picking routes, reducing travel time and increasing productivity. Autonomous vehicles or drones with AI capabilities can streamline last-mile deliveries, enhancing efficiency and reducing delivery times.

AI algorithms can analyze historical data and market trends to forecast demand accurately, aiding in inventory management and order fulfillment. This panel discussion features insights from industry experts like Sankalp Arora, Co-Founder/CEO of Gather AI, and Xunjie Zhang, Founder/CEO of Shift Robotics, with CMU moderator Dave Mawhinney.


“Labor is a massive component of the warehouse operations. Industries suffer from labor shortages mostly due to unsatisfied employees and people quitting in the middle of the day because of intense labor work and how tedious things can be. At the same time, walking 12-15 miles a day is not a joke. It creates a massive amount of injuries, repetitive stress, and pressure on joints. Employees love moonwalkers because they make their lives fun and easy. So, from an employee point of view, it is an overall reduction of repetitive stress.”

Xunjie Zhang, Shift Robotics  


“A natural benefit people think about specifically in this industry is labor, but it is not. People think it is robots taking jobs, but it is not. There is a 70% iteration rate on warehousing jobs. And if you think about the jobs we are talking about, it is people climbing on forklifts to take industry, given we can do 15x faster, people can focus on more effective things than just going and looking at inventory.”

– Sankalp Arora, Gather AI  


Here is the outline of the discussion

  • Contribution of robotic automation to business benefits and revenue models that benefit the customers
  • Addressing health and safety issues and meeting quality standards in robotics
  • Unlocking new opportunities in unexplored markets with robotics
  • Factors driving the robotics growth and how it facilitates mobility choices for physically challenged individuals

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