Emerging AI Companies Are Driving A Paradigm Shift in ML

Leadership from Cruise and Facebook AI discuss the emergence of AI native companies and the paradigm shift being driven by advances in ML and robotics. Just as web transformed business, then the emergence of mobile and cloud, autonomous technologies are redefining the companies building products that simply cannot exist without AI.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the session:

  • The goal of autonomous mobility companies is to build driverless vehicles that are safer and superior to human driving. Simulation systems are being built to test further edge cases which may not happen in reality to understand how the vehicle will react in extremely rare and dangerous scenarios.
  • AI-native products like autonomous vehicles that mimic high-level human activity and combine physical and digital worlds, require humans-in-the-loop in their sophisticated data loops.
  • Responsible autonomous vehicles can be built through the use of exacting safety metrics, responsible on-road testing in varied environments, and simulation tests for rare situations.

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