An Inside Look at Robotics Across Cloud Logistics, Transportation & Warehouse Order Fulfillment

Robotics is evolving and is becoming increasingly significant for manufacturing and warehouse automation. This fireside chat features a conversation between Laura Evans, Senior Lead of Robotics at FANUC America Corporation, and the host, Jeff Mills, President and CRO at iMerit. Laura has decades of experience in the robotics industry, helping companies move to the next level in robotics, robotic automation, and more.

“Anyone who is a player in the industrial robot space, we all started in manufacturing, and over the last decade, I have seen robot technology adopted, at an exponential rate, into the warehouse space. It has been a big change. Moving into a warehouse space is like you have to start all over and help the people in warehouse, automation, and e-commerce people learn how to adopt robots”.

– Laura Evans, FANUC America Corp.


Key highlights:

  • The development of warehouses in robotics and challenges in the deployment of robotics in manufacturing
  • Robots Vs. People: Is robotics impacting people?
  • The factories of the future: How will they look?
  • Women in tech: Exploring opportunities for women in the field of robotics
  • How freshers can get hands-on experience in robotics

“Robots do not take jobs, they make jobs. Robots make your job better, and I have had so many cases where companies started adopting their first robot, and they grew along that journey. They hired more people because they got better quality and lower cost, which got them more business and helped them be more successful.”

– Laura Evans, FANUC America Corp.


Key Insights:

  • Navigating robot adoption in logistics and e-commerce proves challenging. Customer-defined issues in e-commerce, though well-addressed in proposed solutions, unveil deeper complexities during on-site visits. The initial solution often falls short, emphasizing the necessity for more thorough inspections than anticipated.
  • AI must learn over time, understand edge cases, and undergo regular updates. 

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