The global streaming service company aimed to enhance precision and relevance in content curation, particularly by improving the recommendation engine and content knowledge graph module.

“iMerit’s approach to metadata enrichment and quality assurance, along with their expertise and dedication have truly enhanced our user experience.”

– Head of AI Solutions 



Improving the recommendation engine and enhancing the content knowledge graph module of the client’s platform required enriching metadata associated with each piece of content, including genre classifications, thematic tags, viewer preferences, and historical viewing patterns. The objective was to deliver more nuanced and insightful search results.


iMerit implemented a comprehensive solution for the streaming service company with high-quality data enrichment and streamlining data pipeline management. Skilled annotators conducted extensive content research, tagging content with relevant metadata and assigning confidence scores to each attribute. A centralized dashboard provided real-time visibility and insights, facilitating seamless project management.


iMerit team achieved an Average Task Processing Time (TPT) of 2 minutes, streamlining operations and accelerating project completion. With quality assurance processes ensuring high data accuracy, iMerit achieved a Sample Audit Score of over 99%, instilling confidence in the reliability of the annotated data. These improvements increased content curation precision and relevance for the company’s users.





Audit Score Accuracy


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