iMerit Unveils Advanced 3D Multi-Sensor Fusion Tool

June 18, 2024

San Jose, California – June 18, 2024 – iMerit, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) data solutions company, today announced the launch of its 3D Multi-Sensor Fusion Tool. This powerful solution integrates Lidar, radar, and camera data inputs, enabling comprehensive understanding and precise labeling of both 3D and 2D data across various sensor modalities.

iMerit’s 3D Multi-Sensor Fusion Tool offers an innovative approach to 3D data segmentation by seamlessly combining different data sources and allowing a combination of automated and human annotation. This integration ensures accuracy and consistency, maintaining data integrity throughout the annotation process. 

“We have been experts in multi-sensor fusion and 3D segmentation for several years now. Our customers constantly seek to make the process more efficient and at large scale.” said Radha Basu, CEO,iMerit.  “This area is evolving fast and we want to facilitate automation and efficiency with customizable data pipelines.”

The Multi-Sensor 3D Fusion Tool features an intuitive user interface and robust features designed to streamline annotation workflows and boost efficiency. This solution meets the most demanding point cloud annotation needs while accelerating AI development cycles. 

Key Features are:

  • Multi-sensor data integration: Combines LiDAR, radar, UV, Infrared and camera inputs for comprehensive 3D and 2D perception of the environment
  • Timeline based segmentation: Tracks objects and velocities across multiple frames of a sequence
  • Precise annotation: Ensures accuracy and consistency 
  • User-friendly interface: Offers an intuitive and easy-to-use experience for 3D and 2D experts to create, edit or audit annotations
  • Streamlined data pipeline: Accelerates annotation processes, boosting efficiency and productivity
  • Integrated Automation: Uses techniques from machine learning, computer vision, and video interpolation, to significantly improve throughput, efficiency and accuracy across pre-labels, quality review and model validation

“Our 3D Multi-Sensor Fusion Tool  allows customers the best combination of smart automation and human experts.” said Rajsekhar Aikat, Chief Product and Technology Officer at iMerit. “Customers working with 3D sensors need customizable solutions and scalable workflow design. They rely heavily on intelligence from multiple sensors to solve the perception challenges they face, and we want to enable them to maximize the gains from automation.”

“This software expands our family of offerings for smart workflows that combine automation and humans-in-the-loop for mission critical use cases where the data has to be absolutely on point.” added Basu. “These include Ango Hub for smart annotation and RLHF, and our Radiology Suite which handles DCOM files. Early customer response has been very encouraging.”

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About iMerit

iMerit is a leading AI data solutions company providing an end-to-end platform for high quality training and validation data.  iMerit provides data workflows that leverage automation and humans-in-the-loop across computer vision, natural language processing, and Generative AI. With a global presence and deep industry expertise, iMerit helps Fortune 500 companies accelerate their data-centric AI initiatives across various domains, including autonomous mobility, healthcare AI, and Generative AI.