iMerit Introduces Ango Hub, the Technology Platform to Deliver Automation, Data Annotation, and Analytics that Accelerate AI Into Production

August 03, 2023

LOS GATOS, Calif. – Aug. 3, 2023 iMerit, a leading AI data solutions company, today introduced Ango Hub, an end-to-end enterprise-grade technology platform designed to deliver a full suite of data annotation tools for AI teams. iMerit’s Ango Hub combines automation, annotation tools and analytics into a single platform that enables developers to build data pipelines for scaling AI into production.

Ango Hub leverages automation at every stage, from data preparation, selection and workflow design, to specific annotation tools, quality assurance and reporting. By bringing together the necessary technology, talent and technique, iMerit is enabling clients to create the proprietary data, output, and end-to-end security needed to bring AI into production.

As part of the development process, iMerit purchased to develop the next generation of AI data tools. iMerit’s deep expertise and knowledge of AI data solutions, with Ango’s expertise in tooling, created a best in class platform that combines the latest in technology and robotic intelligence with human intelligence.

“We are thrilled to join iMerit’s team and deliver our proven technology and problem-solving capabilities to iMerit’s core technology platform,” said Gökalp Urul, co-founder and CTO of

“We look forward to developing the next generation of AI tools and technologies, but equally important is to enable training ethical AI applications by leveraging the knowledge and insight of human intelligence through experts-in-the-loop,” said Gökhan Urul, co-founder and CEO of

iMerit’s Ango Hub will introduce new purpose-built applications on a generative AI framework customized to accelerate development in key vertical industries such as medical AI, autonomous mobility, and precision agriculture. These solutions are tailored to fit industry needs, ensuring teams can accelerate time to market while creating industry-specific datasets that can deliver the precision needed for AI projects.

“The release of iMerit’s Ango Hub is a shining example of iMerit’s technology leadership in delivering solutions that meet our customers’ needs. They want the best of both worlds. Experts-in-the-loop that provide the insight and quality, but with a secure platform that provides the automation and analytics to scale. This powerful platform delivers an advanced automation, annotation, and analytics suite that will help enterprise-grade AI projects rapidly shorten time to market. With this new platform, iMerit is uniquely positioned to meet the complex data needs of today’s most demanding AI projects,” said Radha Basu, founder and CEO, iMerit.

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