Data Annotation for Pathology AI: Why iMerit Stands Out

May 30, 2023

From identifying cancerous cells to predicting disease progression, AI enables pathologists to make more informed decisions, improving patient care and outcomes. However, the success of AI algorithms relies heavily on high-quality annotated data. Is in-house data labeling the sole solution for maintaining data quality?

Interestingly, The 2023 State of MLOps Report revealed that 55% of companies not outsourcing data labeling cited a lack of data quality as the top reason for their ML project failures. Moreover, nearly half of the survey respondents said outsourcing saves time, adds flexibility, saves costs, and boosts data accuracy. This insight underscores the significance of partnering with a trusted data annotation provider with the domain expertise to ensure high-quality data and overcome the challenges that hinder ML project success.

In this blog, we will explore iMerit’s solution, approaches, expertise, pricing, and other standout features that position the company as one of the best in the industry, especially for Healthcare AI.

Improving AI in Pathology with iMerit

High-quality data is essential for accurate and reliable insights in all AI models. Data annotation and labeling with a high level of accuracy play a crucial role in achieving such quality data. iMerit supports AI/ML teams in the healthcare industry by precisely annotating cells and tissues using traditional stains, including IHC, CISH, and IF. This meticulous annotation process ensures the production of high-quality annotated data and enhances the performance of AI algorithms in Pathology.

iMerit as Preferred Data Annotation Partner

While there are many data annotation providers, iMerit is one of the top annotation partners for medical AI projects and is renowned for its experience, expertise, and scalability. Let us explore the various aspects and advantages that iMerit offers over other data annotation companies.

Fully-managed Teams with Tiered Expertise to Ensure Quality

Our subject matter experts guide clients throughout the project lifecycle, from project preparation to project execution and data insights. Besides, iMerit is the only data annotation company with a dedicated medical division. Our in-house & consultative network of medical experts allows for tiered services based on project complexity.

Tier 1 – Curriculum-driven workforce by subject matter experts and clinicians 

Tier 2 – Specialized annotators with “Expert-in-the-loop” for Production, QA, or QC

Tier 3 – US board-certified pathologists for benchmarking and validation

Tech Enabled & Tool Agnostic Approach for Maximum Productivity

Based on client needs, iMerit’s data experts can work on proprietary annotation tools, client tools, or other third-party tools. Our digital pathology tools and partners include, Dataloop, AWS Sagemaker Ground Truth, and more.

Moreover, iMerit’s Data Studio brings tools that manage configuration, annotation, project progress, analytics, and more in one end-to-end solution.

Rapid Scalability

Our medical team of 100 data experts has enriched over 20 million data points for healthcare AI. Our low employee attrition rate, combined with specialized learning & development, creates a robust skilled workforce of physician extenders who consistently deliver quality at scale. 

Robust Security

iMerit is HIPAA certified, SOC 2 compliant, ISO 27001:2013 certified, and has been audited based on AICPA guidelines. We have over 5,500 full-time employees under strict NDA across the US, India, and Bhutan. We operate dedicated and monitored facilities with strict security protocols for high-security work.

Working with Leading Public Institutions

A multi-billion dollar US Public Health Institution trust us with their data. With high-quality annotated images of cancer cells by our pathologist-led teams, the client could generate ground truth datasets for an AI model that added diagnostic support and triage to their clinicians. The AI model conducted annotations with 98% accuracy at a 10x faster pace than pathologists working in a lab. View case study


The importance of high-quality annotated data cannot be overstated, as it forms the foundation for accurate and reliable AI models. Our extensive tool ecosystem with custom expert-in-the-loop workflows helps achieve cost-efficient scaling while being HIPAA-compliant and conforming to FDA regulatory approval standards.

Are you looking for data specialists to advance your Pathology AI project? Here is how iMerit can help.