Overcoming the Obstacles of Achieving High-Quality Data

Raj Aikat, iMerit’s Chief Technology and Product Officer and Lucas Chatham, Sr. Product Manager at iMerit discuss industry trends, insights, and challenges that companies face as they work towards production-ready AI. Learn about the 6 obstacles holding companies back from achieving high-quality data and the innovative solutions needed to overcome them.


Watch this session to gain insights on: 

  • The ML DataOps sector and the key challenges that the sector is facing today
  • How iMerit solutions enrich data to make it infinitely flexible for the clients
  • Obstacles to effective data annotation workflows
  • How iMerit Platform, ‘Ground Control’ streamlines the process to achieve high-quality data

Here are 3 key takeaways from the session:

  • Some of the key challenges we are facing in the industry today include – data at scale, production at scale and real-time FleetOps.
  • Human-in-the-loop has been converted into expert-in-the-loop and the skillset expands to essentially every stage of the ML development and deployment phase.
  • To execute well on any data annotation project, one can experience any of the following:
    • Tool Interoperability
    • Reporting fragmentation
    • Edge Cases
    • Workforce Skill and Scale
    • Managing Data Security
    • Access to real-time insights

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