Medical Text & Audio

Deploy natural language processing to create winning ML models that power medical speech-to-text devices, provide real-world evidence, and accelerate middle and back office healthcare processes.

medical text & audio

Ango Hub for Text & Audio

Ango Hub users can source healthcare data, annotate via iMerit’s global network of annotators, and validate healthcare data for text & audio applications. Allow iMerit’s in-house natural language processing, computer vision, and document AI experts to supercharge your next project.

iMerit’s expert-led teams provide scalable annotation services for text & audio applications including:

  • Claims Processing
  • Healthcare Chatbots
  • Documentation and Data Management


#1 in Medical Data Solutions

Our expert-in-the-loop data processes and automation tools have enabled us to generate high-volume training data for claims processing, pre-authorization approval, and benefits verification applications.

Using US board-certified physicians, iMerit facilitates regulatory approval through validation and benchmarking. iMerit’s contribution to medical text & audio is helping bring automation to healthcare that’s streamlining patient visits and optimizing critical medical resource utilization.

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Case Study

Verbal, a Conversational Intelligence Platform, Teamed Up with iMerit to Help a Major Healthcare Call Center Reduce Manual Audits, Improve Agent Performance, and Substantially Reduce Quality Assurance Staffing Needs

Verbal had a key engagement with a national healthcare call center that specializes in addiction treatment. The call center was spending too much on quality assurance audits, and needed to accelerate service time while improving agent performance. With the Verbal platform, agents will get real-time feedback and coaching to achieve these goals. But to make Verbal perform, thousands of hours of calls needed to be audited and annotated.

iMerit audited and annotated every call, and generated training datasets to power Verbal’s platform. Within just a few weeks, Verbal had achieved their goal, and helped their customer reduce QA staffing needs by 70% while boosting agent performance by a 56%, resulting in an additional $1.1M in monthly revenue.



Improved Agent Performance



Reduced QA Staffing Needs



Annotation Quality

"This project was critical to our success. We needed them to become a referenceable customer who successfully used our platform. "

Waleed Mohsen, CEO, Verbal

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Common Use Cases

Healthcare Chatbots

Free up your staff and resources by automating the care approval process. Organize information from electronic health records, medical protocols, and other sources, vastly reducing low-value, time-consuming tasks.

Documentation & Data Management

Empower medical staff with AI-powered voice recognition technology to dictate patient notes, update medical records, and input data into electronic health record (EHR) systems.

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Point-Of-Care Authorizations

Automate both ends of the fax machine by connecting payer care management platforms with provider EHRs to automate processes like never before, improve decision-making, and deliver high-quality care while reducing healthcare costs.

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