Leveraging AI For Gaming Community Health


The $300 billion gaming industry is growing, thanks to the rising use of mobile games during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the economics, the gaming industry builds and shapes virtual communities impacting 3 billion people worldwide playing games.

One of the issues the industry has been tackling in recent years is the rise of toxic behavior among gamers. Rising toxicity can have a significant impact on player experiences and business outcomes. Gaming companies are investing in new ways to build healthy gaming communities, including leveraging the power of AI/ML to create content moderation models.

At iMerit, we work with leading game publishers to address toxicity and improve community health in the gaming world. Our infographic highlights the need for human data experts to improve these AI models, as they bring a deep understanding of in-game nuances and sensitivities.

Explore the need for high-quality training data to develop robust AI-based content moderation models for gaming community health.


Are you looking for gaming behavior moderation to make your platform safer? Here’s how iMerit can help.