Making Unmanned Data Actionable Through ML/AI

iMerit was a featured speaker at the 2021 Energy Drone & Robotics Coalition’s Think Tank Thursday, in the session titled “Making Unmanned Data Actionable Through ML/AI.”

Mallory Dodd, iMerit Solution Architect, joined Scott McGowan, CEO of Precision Aerial Compliance Solutions, and John McClain, Security Specialist at Shell Deer Park to discuss how drones and artificial intelligence are combined with real-world asset inspection applications to process data quickly, accurately, and easily.

Access the on-demand webinar to gain insights on:

  • Emerging use cases for AI and ML in areas related to data mapping and network analysis
  • How to develop data analysis solutions that make unstructured drone data “actionable”
  • Real-world use cases for GIS and mapping in utility damage and safety evaluation
  • How Lidar annotation can power machine learning models for critical infrastructure data
EDRC Think Tank