AI & Jobs: How to be job-ready in the age of technology

The world is moving towards an age of increased automation, with the deployment of technologies like AI and Machine Learning across sectors. As digital transformation continues in India, it opens up avenues for new career opportunities.

iMerit VP HR Anirban Roychowdhury participated in a TimesJob Webinar and discussed how to identify a suitable career path with growth potential and thereafter, the foundational skills and attributes that must be cultivated to thrive in careers in technology and allied sectors.

In this webinar, iMerit VP HR Anirban Roychowdhury discusses:

  • Leveraging strengths to keep up with job market movement
  • Identifying job roles that will continue to see growth
  • The value of community platforms and peer-learning resources
  • Taking advantage of the current remote-first ecosystem
  • How to network to get work
  • Simple tips for effective professional communication
  • What recruitment teams are looking for while hiring – Across roles
  • Utilizing your organization’s resources for career development