Alternate Reality: Creating a New Metaverse with Data

The augmented or virtual metaverse is expected to reach $454B by 2030. Whether it’s a consumer or B2B alternate reality, the companies quickest to solve the complexities in the ML DataOps landscape may lead the way. Join these AR/VR computer vision experts as they explore how to overcome the data operations challenges that will propel alternate reality into a new metaverse.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the session:

  • Accuracy, scalability and quality of data will become increasingly important going forward as the industry tackles harder problems in building immersive AR and VR applications.
  • Computer Vision data will be a key enabler of the new generation of communication with augmented/virtual reality.
  • The availability of data was initially the most difficult challenge in the AR space. Once that stage is reached, synthetic data and human-in-the-loop data become crucial.

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