iMerit Rated Top Annotation Company by Silicon India

March 23, 2021

Data Annotation and labeling is an emerging sector in India that is creating major impacts. iMerit has been chosen as part of the country’s 10 most promising annotation companies by SiliconIndia. The process of image annotation starts from tagging to sorting image objects, and image and data annotation companies are solving challenges to provide easy solutions for audiences to find them. A recent issue of the Silicon India Technology magazine presented a list of 10 most promising data and image annotation companies 2021, curated by a team of industry veterans, engineers, CEOs and VCs, and the SI Technology editorial board.

According to a study by Grand View Research, the market size of the global data annotation tools is predicted to reach $2.57 billion by 2027. In between the major job cuts, and increased automation, India can leverage this opportunity and support the workforce while existing jobs become an illusion. 

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