iMerit CEO Radha Basu’s Interview with Analytics Insight

Radha Basu, the Founder and CEO of iMerit, spoke with Analytics Insights in an exclusive interaction about how the DataOps framework can be used to tackle edge cases in AI. She also elaborates on how the company is efficiently investing on its clients as well as its employees for a better future.

In this webinar, Radha Basu, CEO and Founder of iMerit discusses:

  • What is MLOps and how iMerit leverages the Dataops framework
  • Examples and complexity of edge cases across industries
  • Biggest challenges iMerit faced while solving edge cases and how to overcome them
  • How iMerit ensures privacy and security
  • iMerit’s investment in its employees to meet both current and future data demands
  • How iMerit is preparing for the future of ML DataOps