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Annotating CT scans for Digital Radiology and Medical AI application

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Frequently Asked Questions

It currently supports single and multi-frame DICOMs natively without any conversion. However, for MRIs and CTs, where 3D DICOM files are needed, they are converted into NRRD format to improve the performance of the network and the UI.

iMerit Radiology Annotation Suite has a FIFO labeling and reviewing queue. Annotators and reviewers in a project get automatically assigned to the next task until project completion. So project managers don’t have to deal with the manual assignment. However, manual assignment is available to project managers if they want annotators to complete specific tasks.

3D studies are visible in multiple planes on the iMerit Radiology Annotation Suite. Multiplanar reconstruction is accomplished on our backend, where axial, sagittal, and coronal views are generated automatically during upload.

iMerit Radiology Annotation Suite supports windowing with Soft Tissue, Bone, Brain, Lung, and Liver presets.

Yes, a brush tool is available and configurable!

Exports are available in multiple standard formats. CT and MRI segmentation data are exported in NRRD to retain their 3D characteristics.

Yes, we can link to your cloud storage without storing data off your servers. On-prem instances are also available.

The data is loaded directly from the S3 bucket, so it depends on the network speed of the annotator. Once it is downloaded, the user can cache it if they want. Background downloading is also available. When it comes to the performance of manipulating the study, there are several factors, like the number of slices, sizes of the slices, RAM, and CPU of the computer.

We have a review configuration where you can filter specific information, including consensus agreement. However, we don’t enforce any action related to the consensus score. You can get every consensus answer at the export with the scores.