iMerit Product Release Notes

For January, 2024

Over the past month, we have been finalizing the latest version of the iMerit Ango Hub. We recently released version 3.10, which contains many new features, quality updates, bug fixes, and more. It is one of the more significant updates for the Ango Hub, and we’re very excited to see everyone using it.

To stay informed about these changes and to explore our documentation, visit Ango Hub’s documentation.

Here’s everything that changed in Ango Hub 3.10:

Other Enhancements

  • NRRD compatibility has been improved.
  • Added a confirmation dialog when trying to delete all annotations from a class in the radiology labeling editor.
  • Added support for the Matroska (.mkv) video container format.

  • Added support for videos with non-square (1:1) pixels.

  • Project managers can now mark individual validation errors as blockers for submission or not. The “Prevent Submission” project-wide toggle has been deprecated. By default, all validation code created before this update will emit blocking errors.

  • Video editor timeline rows can now be collapsed by class.

Bug Fixes

  • [Radiology Editor] Fixed a bug where panning did not work when windowing options were selected.

  • Fixed a bug where NRRD files with external IDs containing spaces would occasionally fail to load annotations.

  • Fixed a bug where some annotations in NRRD files would not display in the export.

  • [Video Editor] Fixed a bug where, when changing an annotation’s class, some keyframes were not updated.

  • Fixed a bug where the nudge tool would not work as expected with sizes below 3px.

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