The Impact Of ML Dataops On Different Sectors: Key Takeaways

March 11, 2022

In a special guest feature with Analytics Insight, Sudeep George, VP of Engineering at iMerit, discusses how ML DataOps is creating an effect on multiple sectors worldwide.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the article: 

  • Over the past year, the AI ecosystem has witnessed a push to move to a more data-centric approach from the current model-centric one. And data is the single biggest differentiation in ensuring the success of ML models in the real world. In the wake of this development, ML DataOps is in the spotlight as it allows us, if correctly structured, to handle data at scale as it flows through the cyclical journey of AI training and deployment.
  • DataOps can assist in creating systems to deliver enhanced operating processes and better customer engagement across industries including healthcare, finance, insurance, retail and autonomobile.
  • The eventual goal of industries adopting AI and data solutions is to build an ecosystem that can independently learn and develop to aid in decision making. This, along with human-in-the-loop processes, provides the right blend of technological innovation and human intelligence at work to drive business goals and problem-solving.

To read the full article click here.

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