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‘AI for Good’: iMerit at NetHope Global Summit

We had the honor of participating in a special event last week on the theme of digital transformation for non-profits. Joining us at NetHope’s Global Summit in Dublin were speakers from Microsoft, Facebook and AWS. NetHope is an organization that links the world’s largest nonprofits to its most important technology…

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Awards Week for iMerit

We are proud to announce that iMerit has won not one, but two awards in the last days. Both awards are delivered by technology thought leaders and recognize iMerit’s cutting-edge, ‘human-in-the-loop’ approach to solving AI’s challenges.

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iMerit at the MIT IDE Inclusive Innovation Challenge

September was a busy month for the teams at iMerit, and we are glad to share some great news with all of you. iMerit has won the Asia finals of the MIT IDE Inclusive Innovation Challenge. The award recognizes global companies using technology to drive economic opportunity for workers. We…

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The Athlete and the Machine: New trends in AI & Sports

While you were hard at work watching the FIFA World Cup, we were busy compiling the latest trends in the application of Machine Learning and Computer Vision to sports technology. This is a topic of interest to us because of our work with KinaTrax, a pioneering sports analytics company that…

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Do we need a standardized data taxonomy for self-driving vehicles?

This post is by Emanuel Ott, a Solutions Architect at iMerit and an expert in machine learning and computer vision. It summarizes a talk given at the Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit in Amsterdam. To create an algorithm that learns to ‘see’ a typical road the way humans do,…

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