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Apr 15, 2021

The Three Edge Case Culprits: Bias, Variance, and Unpredictability

Through training, machine learning (ML) systems learn to recognize patterns by associating inputs (e.g., pixel values, audio samples, text) to

Apr 6, 2021

Powering Driverless Cars with Data Annotation

Today, a majority of automobile manufacturers (Tesla, GM, Ford, BMW, Toyota, PSA, Renault-Nissan) and companies such as Waymo, Uber, NuTonomy

Mar 29, 2021

How Noisy Labels Impact Machine Learning Models

Supervised Machine Learning requires labeled training data, and large ML systems need large amounts of training data. Labeling training data

Mar 8, 2021

How iMerit’s #WomenInData have Adapted to Remote Work

Working women usually have to juggle multiple tasks of the workplace and home. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, women did

Mar 3, 2021

Data Annotation for AI Applications In Healthcare

From diagnostic assistance to patient engagement, AI in healthcare is proving beneficial for patients and healthcare professionals alike by increasing

Jan 28, 2021

How Salesforce Is Packaging AI into Their Product

Software Creates Demand for Data Labeling Services When done right, this approach lets users more easily develop AI models and

Jan 20, 2021

Top 5 Data Annotation Tooling and Workflow Trends For 2021

As Artificial Intelligence continues to boom, improved technologies for data labeling and annotation are on the rise. From robotic perception

Jan 11, 2021

Top AI Trends and Data Annotations for 2021

The applications of Artificial Intelligence will continue to explode in the new decade ahead, and data annotation solutions will support

Jan 5, 2021

Environmental Initiatives And An All-important Minerals Census

Much of the local, regional, and federal government focus on mining-related geospatial data analysis remains focused on environmental remediation and

Jan 5, 2021

How Art and Science Intersect On The iMerit Solutions Team

The most effective data annotation teams succeed through highly scientific, systematic processes – but present throughout is the steady hand

Jan 5, 2021

Geospatial Data, Detailed Annotation, Analysis: Preventative Planning and Postmortems

Geospatial data analysis by its very nature lends itself to solving Big Problems: drought mitigation aimed at preventing mass starvation,

Jan 5, 2021

Quality Matters: An Engagement Review of Semantic Segmentation for Crops, Weeds

How do geospatial data annotation projects begin and – most important – how are they guided to a successful conclusion?