Mining Data with ML and AI for Healthcare: Key Takeaways

December 24, 2021

In healthcare, data mining holds immense potential due to the exponential growth of EHRs, benefiting the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Sina Bari, M.D., iMerit’s Director of Medical AI, was featured in the Express Healthcare Magazine, where he discusses data mining and the significance of technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the article:

  1. With the adoption of EHRs, the volume and complexity of extracting data points and insights is becoming increasingly challenging. Researchers are thus exploring how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can aid in drawing out useful information.
  2. For AI- and ML-led applications, data from the healthcare ecosystem is a goldmine of information and insights, which can be analysed to deliver smart decision making and solve complex individual and societal health challenges. This data encompasses not only clinical data but also data from the ecosystem.
  3. AI and ML technologies and data mining need to come together to enable intelligent analysis and decision making. For the healthcare ecosystem, it is important to understand the different uses of technology stacks, processes, and algorithmic architectures depending on the end-goals and resources available.

Read the complete article here: Mining Data with Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare