3D Multi-Sensor Fusion Tool

Customizable, intuitive, and robust solution to achieve ultra-precise labeling accuracy and consistency across various sensors

iMerit’s Multi-sensor Data Labeling tool offers an advanced approach to 3D data solutions by integrating lidar, radar, and camera inputs, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of both 3D and 2D data. This integration ensures precise labeling, maintaining accuracy and consistency across various sensor modalities. With easy-to-use features, a robust interface, and extensive support, the solution can meet Point Cloud annotation needs while streamlining workflows to boost efficiency.

Multi-sensor Tracking

On iMerit’s 3D Point Cloud Tool

With iMerit’s 3D Point Cloud tool, users identify and capture an object using one sensor (e.g., a camera capturing images or a LiDAR capturing point clouds). After assigning it a tracking ID, users switch to another sensor, such as a LiDAR, to view the same scene from a different perspective. Users can assign the same tracking ID to the object observed by the new sensor, linking the observations across sensors.

  • Unified Workflow: A single tool or workflow that integrates data from multiple sensors, allowing users to annotate and track objects efficiently.


  • Sensor-Specific Attributes: The tool allows customers to define sensor-specific attributes, enabling customization for different types of sensors and data sources.


  • Consistent Tracking: The ability to assign the same tracking ID to an object across different sensors ensures consistency in tracking.

Assisted Labeling Using Machine Learning

Improve efficiency and accuracy in labeling large datasets with iMerit’s Multi-sensor Data Labeling tool. By utilizing ML, users can automatically identify and label objects, making the annotation process faster and more reliable. The tool enables users to filter ground points to remove noise, enhancing the quality and clarity of the data. By applying the same filtering approach, users can segment ground points more efficiently, allowing them to focus on relevant areas of the data and annotate more quickly.

Integrated Sensor Fusion

With iMerit’s Multi-sensor Data Labeling Tool


The tool supports superimposing the 3D point cloud onto the 2D image to integrate both perspectives, allowing users to better understand points, annotations, and objects.

Point Projection

The tool improves discernibility by correlating distant 3D points with 2D images, to help identify objects with sparse points, hidden or in crowded areas. It bridges data gaps and adds spatial context for object recognition.

Multiple Views

The tool supports various point cloud views, such as bird’s-eye, top, side, focus, and full image views. This enables annotators to comprehend data from different perspectives with multiple angles for identification.

2D and 3D Drawables

The tool supports both 2D and 3D annotations, including cuboids, polygons, polylines, and boxes with centerlines. This versatility enables comprehensive data analysis for diverse project needs and sensor setups.

iMerit’s Multi-sensor Labeling Tool

For High-quality, Scalability and Efficiency

Time and Cost Efficiency

Save time and money not only in tool development but also in task workflow by utilizing a dependable multi-sensor tool with a wide array of features.

Scalable and Customizable

Handle various projects and data types with ease, supported by a team of experts ready to tailor the solution as per your specific requirements.

High Quality

Access multiple features to enhance annotation quality, enabling annotators to achieve superior results more efficiently.


The need for speed in high-quality data annotation has never been greater. iMerit combines the best of predictive and automated annotation technology with world-class data annotation and subject matter experts to deliver the data you need to get to production, fast.

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