The Ground Truth Grind: Strategies for Measuring the Quality of Labeled Natural Language Data

Watch a webinar by iMerit Solutions Architect Teresa O’Neill, who discusses:

  • Three cornerstones for building trust in the quality of your labeled natural language datasets
  • Strategies for determining what “high quality” means in the context of your project
  • Quality control process and metrics design that is right for your use case

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Speaker: Teresa O’Neill

Dr. Teresa O’Neill is a Solutions Architect at iMerit specializing in language annotation services. Before joining iMerit, she worked for a decade in academia as an educator and researcher. At iMerit, she leverages her experience as a linguist with both theoretical and applied specializations to build custom human-in-the-loop annotation pipelines for customers with NLP/NLU use cases.

Top three slides

Natural Language Data
Natural Language Data
Natural Language Data